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Get Peak Performance From Your Meters!

March 11, 2024
FLEXIM Flow Measurement Solutions

FLEXIM Flow Measurement Solutions

We Are Your Exclusive Representative for FLEXIM Services in the NY Metro Area

Pro-Tech is focused on delivering comprehensive support services for all of your flow meters.
Installation, Start Up & Commissioning
After you mount your meters and run the conduit for power, we’ll install the flow and temperature sensors, and perform start up and commissioning services to verify that everything is working properly.
Certification of Existing Meters
Do you use your meters for billing purposes? Don’t let inaccurate readings become a long-term issue. We offer annual verifications to check your meters, ensure they are working properly, and then provide your team with a summary report.
On-Site Measurement Services
Need the convenience of on-site services? Our technicians will come to your facility and perform a flow survey, using our mobile, clamp-on meter. In addition to taking flow readings, we offer leak detection, fire pump testing, and pump checkout services.
Third-Party Verification
What about other meters, not from FLEXIM? We can run a performance evaluation, regardless of brand, and point out any concerns that we find.
The FLEXIM team is local, with the knowledge and expertise to support all your flow instrument needs.

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