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Utilize our industry expertise, technology and solutions to drive exceptional performance.

Utilize our industry expertise, technology and solutions to drive exceptional performance.

Our team has a wealth of application experience and process knowledge across a wide variety of industries. When you connect with Pro-Tech, you gain a trusted partner who can help drive better process performance, safety, quality, and reliability across all your operations and enterprise.

Alternative Energy is generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment, especially by avoiding the use of fossil fuels. Pro-Tech Solutions and its partner Emerson have the process instrumentation solutions, experience and expertise to help you to efficiently convert natural feedstocks such as used cooking oil, soy bean oil, canola oil, palm oil, corn oil, and animal fats into cleaner burning biodiesel fuel, which can reduce CO2 emissions by over 78% compared to petroleum diesel.

Once your plant is up and running, our Lifecycle Services organization offers 24/7 maintenance, reliability and performance services — where and when needed. To help ensure your ability to achieve sustainable Top Quartile performance, Emerson Educational Services can train your staff on how to get the most value out of your process instrumentation investment.

Specialty chemical manufacturers are faced with continual challenges – variability in batch cycle times, out-of-spec batches and health and safety risks. It can be difficult to hit quality and production targets while maintaining a safe and reliable operation.

Pro-Tech Solutions has the instrumentation expertise and innovative technologies from market leading manufacturers like Emerson to help specialty chemical manufacturers improve their Right-First-Time metric, create a safer environment, and achieve Top Quartile operational performance.

Boost productivity, efficiency and accuracy with Emerson’s end-to-end instrumentation solutions for advanced processing, production and packaging.

With consumers who demand the perfect product every time, it's crucial to find the right instrumentation to monitor your processes and run your plant.

Our application experts work with food & beverage processors around the world, providing them with industry-leading instrumentation that assures reliability and accuracy in your process measurements. From bakery, meat, dairy, vegetable and confectionery items to soft drinks, wine and beer, count on Pro-Tech Solutions to keep your process running smoothly and customers satisfied.

Mission Critical Data Centers
Pro-Tech Solutions provides robust, industrial quality instrumentation from market leading manufacturers like Emerson for mission critical facilities such as data centers and fault tolerant commercial HVAC systems of all sizes.

Pro-Tech Solutions offers industrial instrumentation products, solutions, and services from market leading manufacturers like Emerson to the commercial HVAC, hydronic, and steam specialties market. Over the years Pro-Tech Solutions has become a trusted technical adviser and supplier of reliable and accurate industrial quality instrumentation to High Rise Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Facilities, Systems Integrators, OEMs, Contractors, and Design Engineers in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey area.

Biopharmaceutical companies often struggle to keep production levels high to consistently meet market demand while maintaining regulatory compliance. Consistent and repeatable measurements are key to quality.

Pro-Tech Solutions has the instrumentation expertise to help Biotech companies reduce batch variability and increase yield with innovative smart measurement technologies.

We have the product breadth, expertise and experience in instrumentation products and services from market leading manufacturers like Emerson to help you achieve Top Quartile operational performance while maintaining product quality and regulatory compliance.

Life Sciences manufacturers are faced with continual challenges –patent expirations, personalized medicine, technology transfer costs, and changing regulatory requirements. Add to this the pressure to lower costs, reduce time to market, and improve quality – all while assuring patient safety.

Pro-Tech Solutions has the instrumentation expertise and innovative technologies from market leading manufacturers like Emerson to create effective measurement solutions for your unique requirements. Extend the calibration intervals of your measurement instrumentation and build a competitive advantage with the experience, expertise and smart technology that Pro-Tech Solutions can deliver.

You need to identify process efficiency and keep your equipment operational, while also ensuring the safety of your staff. That’s why companies choose Pro-Tech Solutions to help them size and select the best instrumentation from market-leading manufacturers like Emerson for their most demanding applications. We work with you to understand your specific challenges, and then select the best products that help you extract more availability, more efficiency, and more productivity from your metals and mining operations.

Natural gas transmission pipelines move the gas from the production companies processing plants to city gate stations and local gas distribution companies for sale to consumers. Our customers have come to rely on Emerson instrumentation to precisely measure, monitor and safely control the flow of natural gas along the entire pipeline network.

Emerson's pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement instrumentation is engineered, designed and tested to meet the most stringent industry standards. Our products are well known for their accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and remotely accessible on-board diagnostics for easy maintenance.

Combined Heat Power/Distributed Generation
Pro-Tech Solutions engineers have the experience and expertise to specify and provide all the instrumentation you require for your combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration, distributed generation (DG), district energy and electrical microgrid projects and facilities.

We supplied all the instrumentation on a number of large scale multi-megawatt CHP and DG projects in New York City including One Bryant Park, One Penn Plaza and Rikers Island. Pro-Tech Solutions also supplies instrumentation and calibration services to industrial cogeneration plants and boiler operations in buildings, universities, hospitals and industrial plants throughout the metropolitan New York, New Jersey area.

Industrial Energy
Energy is the lifeblood of an industrial site, and after raw materials, typically makes up the largest percentage of operating cost. To meet production and quality goals, energy in the form of steam, electricity, and other utilities must be reliably delivered to site processes, but this is only a small part of today’s energy issues. Rising energy costs and increased emissions regulations are putting pressure on manufacturers that make it difficult to remain competitive.

Pro-Tech Solutions can introduce smart instrumentation technologies and expertise from market leading manufacturers like Emerson that have proven to achieve a new level of energy performance. Improve reliability, lower emissions, and reduced cost at the same time….it’s possible when you team up with Pro-Tech Solutions.

Commercial Power Generation

In the face of the challenges of deregulation and an increasingly competitive marketplace, Emerson smart instrumentation is helping power generators around the world achieve higher levels of plant availability, reliability, and performance.

From traditional coal-fired plants to the latest combined-cycle and renewable energy plants, Pro-Tech Solutions been helping customers control critical power generation processes, meet stringent environmental regulations, increase plant efficiencies and megawatt production, and realize long-term O&M savings.

Pro-Tech Solutions has a long history of delivering the broadest array of instrumentation expertise and technologies to the power generation industry of the metropolitan New York, New Jersey area to cost-effectively manage disparate generating units within a fleet for improved performance and increased profitability.

A business environment requiring smaller engineering and maintenance staff, stricter environmental regulations, permitting restrictions, and product diversification are making it tougher for pulp and paper mills to compete. Pro-Tech Solutions and its partner Emerson are applying field-proven technology, and smart measurement and flow instrumentation to help mills reduce process variability, production downtime, and energy and chemical usage.

Pro-Tech Solutions understands you are focused on key refining fundamentals that specifically challenge the tri-state area. These include overall energy optimization and management, cost control without sacrificing safety, performance, or reliability, environmental compliance, and operations flexibility to capture opportune market conditions.

Pro-Tech Solutions and its partner Emerson address each of these challenges in new and innovative ways. We can enable both existing and new refiners to improve energy efficiency, extend asset reliability and utilization, enhance safety, improve logistics, and achieve overall cost effectiveness.

We can also help you plan your turnaround to only calibrate and repair assets that require attention, identify missing measurements that will enhance your operational performance and safety, and help assure you stay within your budget and schedule.

To capitalize on new business opportunities and ensure future growth, your terminals and tanks need to have the equipment and processes in place to accurately and efficiently respond to ever-changing market, customer, and regulatory demands.

Our results-proven terminal instrumentation, applications and solutions can help you accurately predict performance, efficiently manage your terminal assets and logistics, minimize safety and environmental risks, increase your productivity, and, most importantly, maximize profit.

In today’s fast paced world of just-in-time logistics, failure to ensure that proper, reliable tank controls are in place can lead to serious events and impacts to the bottom line. With Emerson tank management solutions, you’ll have confidence in inventory and safety controls regardless of the product or the environment. The result is greater visibility to what’s happening in and between tanks, and the peace of mind enhanced product quality and safety will give you and your customers.

Pro-Tech Solutions' reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable instrumentation provider to the water & wastewater treatment industry is based on our history of successful performance.

The instrumentation products and services we provide from market leading manufacturers like Emerson to monitor the water and wastewater treatment processes for some of the largest plants in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey area, ensures accurate control and provides critical operational process information. These cities have chosen us to help them ensure cleaner, safer water supplies; reduce environmental hazards; and realize significant operational cost savings.

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